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    My life has changed thanks to the Reverse Mortgage Group! I no longer have to make mortgage payments and I have gotten the financial freedom that I have been waiting for all this time! Receiving the reverse mortgage payout has been wonderful. Our family budget improved since we no longer have to make monthly mortgage payments. Now our money goes a lot further and we have been able to carry out a number of projects that we couldn’t do before. Our retirement has been easier, since we only have to pay the house insurance and the taxes. We are mortgage free.

    With my reverse mortgage all of my dreams came true. I have traveled the world; my income stretches to the max; I bought a new car and I can help my daughter. I thank Reverse Mortgage Group for their marvelous professional treatment and I highly recommend them.

    The reverse mortgage gave us financial freedom. We’ve secured our home for the rest of our lives since we do not have payment obligations, and our children will inherit the property. Thanks to the Reverse Mortgage Group we have gotten our long awaited dream; we will always recommend the Reverse Mortgage Group, since they are very professional.

    Our family budget was strengthened with the reverse mortgage payment. We thank the Reverse Mortgage Group for the great help they have offered in processing a reverse mortgage for us. We now only have to pay the insurance and the property taxes. With the money we save we can now travel and do all the things we have always dreamt of doing. The reverse mortgage has given us great financial freedom.

    This is a fabulous program. At our age eliminating the commitment of making monthly payments is very important. Our income is enough and we don’t have to suffer with the payment of monthly bills. We recommend that everyone who qualifies for a reverse mortgage apply to it, you will rest from the commitment of the mortgage payment, and you could also receive money from the accumulated earnings from your property. Get in touch with the Reverse Mortgage Group; they are very professional and are experts when it comes to reverse mortgages. Keep in mind that you or your spouse will always be able to live in the property.

    In addition to receiving the reverse mortgage payout to save our home, once the property increased in value we were able to refinance the reverse mortgage, also receiving some additional money with which we have been able to complete some projects that we had pending. Since we only pay the insurance and property taxes, we now feel supported by this special housing program which is insured by the US government and FHA. We have financial freedom by being mortgage free.

    The Reverse Mortgage Group treated us in a very special way. The entire process took place in our home; we didn’t have to go anywhere. The representatives came to our home from the beginning and even the closing took place in our home along with the presence of a notary. Everything that they promised us was delivered. We are very pleased to have partnered with the Reverse Mortgage Group. We highly recommend them.

    ¡Mi vida ha cambiado gracias a The Reverse Mortgage Group! ¡Ya no tengo que pagar una hipoteca y he adquirido la libertad financiera que he estado esperando todo este tiempo! Recibir un reverse mortgage ha sido maravilloso. Nuestro presupuesto familiar mejoró desde que ya que no tenemos que hacer pagos mensuales de una hipoteca. Ahora el dinero nos rinde mucho más y hemos podido realizar una serie de proyectos que antes no podíamos efectuar. Nuestro retiro será más fácil, ya que solamente tenemos que pagar el seguro de la casa y los impuestos. Estamos libres de hipoteca.

    Con mi reverse mortgage todos mis sueños se han hecho realidad. He viajado por el mundo; mis ingresos me rinden al máximo; compré un auto nuevo y puedo ayudar a mi hija. Agradezco a The Reverse Mortgage Group por su magnífico trato profesional y los recomiendo ampliamente.

    El reverse mortgage nos dio libertad financiera. Aseguramos nuestra vivienda por el resto de nuestras vidas, pues no tenemos obligaciones de pagos y nuestros hijos heredarán la propiedad. Gracias a The Reverse Mortgage Group hemos conseguido nuestro sueño anhelado; siempre vamos a recomendar a The Reverse Mortgage Group, pues son muy profesionales.

    Nuestro presupuesto familiar se fortaleció con el reverse mortgage. Agradecemos a The Reverse Mortgage Group la inmensa ayuda que nos brindaron al tramitarnos un reverse mortgage. Ahora solamente tenemos que pagar el seguro y los impuestos de la propiedad. Con el dinero que ahorramos ahora podemos viajar y hacer todas las cosas que siempre soñamos hacer. El reverse mortgage nos ha dado una gran libertad financiera.

    Este es un fabuloso programa. A nuestra edad eliminar el compromiso de realizar pagos mensuales es muy importante. Nuestros ingresos nos alcanzan y no tenemos que estar sufriendo por el pago mensual de cuentas. Recomendamos a cualquiera que califique para un reverse mortgage que lo aproveche, descansará del compromiso del pago de una hipoteca, y también pueden recibir dinero de la ganancia acumulada en su propiedad. Póngase en contacto con The Reverse Mortgage Group; son muy profesionales y son expertos cuando se trata de reverse mortgages. Tenga en cuenta que usted o su cónyuge siempre podrán vivir en la propiedad.

    Además de recibir un reverse mortgage para salvar nuestra casa, una vez que la propiedad aumentó en valor, pudimos refinanciar el reverse mortgage, también recibiendo un cantidad adicional con la cual hemos podido completar algunos proyectos que teníamos pendiente. Desde que solo pagamos el seguro y los impuestos de la propiedad, nos sentimos apoyados gracias a este programa especial de vivienda que está asegurado por el gobierno de los Estados Unidos y la FHA. Tenemos libertad financiera al estar libres de hipoteca.

    The Reverse Mortgage Group nos trató de manera muy especial. Todo el proceso tuvo lugar en nuestra casa; no tuvimos que ir a ninguna parte. Los representantes vinieron a nuestro hogar desde el principio, e inclusive, el cierre se realizó en nuestro hogar con la presencia de un notario. Todo lo que nos prometieron lo cumplieron. Estamos muy contentos de haber sido atendidos por The Reverse Mortgage Group. Los recomendamos ampliamente.


    We’ve Got Answers!

    How is a Reverse Mortgage different from a Home Equity Loan?

    Both a Reverse Mortgage and a Home Equity Loan use the equity you have in your home to generate cash. With a Reverse Mortgage, you don’t need to make monthly mortgage payments for as long as you stay in the home. However, with a Home Equity Loan you need to make monthly payments on the principal and interest.

    How much can I borrow?

    The amount depends on several factors: a. Your age b. The type of Reverse Mortgage you select c. Current interest rates d. The location of your home e. The appraised value of your home f. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) lending limits in your area.

    What if I still owe money on a first or second mortgage?

    You may still be eligible for a Reverse Mortgage depending on the amount of your remaining mortgage versus the value of your home.

    Am I eligible if I still owe money on a first or second mortgage?

    You may still be eligible for a Reverse Mortgage depending on the amount of your remaining mortgage versus the value of your home.

    How will a Reverse Mortgage affect my government benefits?

    The funds from a Reverse Mortgage usually do not affect regular Social Security or Medicare benefits. However, need-based benefits, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), may be impacted. Contact a tax professional about your particular situation.

    How will a Reverse Mortgage affect the estate I leave to my heirs?

    When the loan becomes due, you or your estate must repay the lender for the cash received from the Reverse Mortgage, plus interest and service fees. Any sale proceeds in excess of the loan balance belong to you or your heirs.

    Get FREE Reverse Mortgage Advice

    Call us at 1-800-991-5735
    or complete the form below to hear from a reverse mortgage expert!